Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wow, its been awhile!!!

It's been a long time, but I hope to post more often on here!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

School again

I know that I have not been updating my blog and I am sorry for the people who read this, come to find out there are people out there that do read this, Well I started school again and this time I am going for Billing and Coding and am going for a associates degree, I am very proud that I made it through the last round of school, I will have to put my graduation pics on here for you all to see, I did walk across the stage to get my diploma, I have yet to find a job and am struggling with money, but I know that my God is my supply and my strength, I praise God for people and help and all my support. once again I will need that support, going to school is not easy for me, but I never give up, I am growing and learning and enjoying my life, and what God has for me. I just also want to say that I have a boyfriend, finally, and we are talking marriage, so family and friend get ready. Well I'll have to do this more often.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well I am finished with school, I DID IT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I have two awards coming to me, but I don't know what they are.. School has been good for me I really enjoy what I do. I am A MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is a new Post Because People do check my blog!!!!

Hey this is for everyone who reads my blog.... I am almost done with school, I have about 10 days left of my clinical hours, I like it and then at times I don't. They are really just throwing me in places and expecting me to know how to do it. which I really don't mind. I graduate in october on the 25th at 11:00am and I am excited to walk and proud of my accomplishments. I will grad out sooner though and that date is September 4th, when I am done with my clinic hours. They want to hire me according to the Dr. and I am ok with that, this is what I went to school for, so whatever they have me to do I will be proud to work. Thanks to all the people who help me along the way. I feel great about what I have done and great to actully be doing something for me. Well I have been great I am growing in the lord and allowing God to work in me, Of course I struggle at times, but who don't? I can't wait to really see myself soar, not only in the work feild but in God, I have a much greater calling then MAA. I Have stepped down from being a youth leader and I know that is what God called me to do, I'm not done with the youth I just know that I can't do anything know with them, its not time. If I could give words of wisdom or encouragement It would be to follow your dreams, write it out and wait and let God take care of it. If you want to go to school and are afraid, step out and go make a change in your life and do so, for in God all things are Possible. Stay in your word and seek God daily, he will be your strength. I have made it through and I am very happy with what I did, Do it for you, you'll see.. well nothing else is going on in my life, but hopefully I will be able to keep up with my blog now that I am done with school.....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well I really did it!!!!

Hey everyone I have embarked on a new journey, and that is going back to school. I am going to school for MAA ( Medical Administrative Assistant) and I am in my second month and I am loving it. I am doing really well, Getting A's on my test and homework. There is alot of homework by the way and I have a test once a week. I am in a accelurated program and I will be done in August, but I graduate in june or july. I am really excited about what I am doing and can see my future as being very well and fun. My class is crazy, but thats good for me, I'm loving it.

I have also a new look, I have dyed my hair red and I have lost about 50 to 60 pounds. which you will see in the pictures.

This is me in my school uniform, because I am going to be working in the professional world we have to were uniforms. But I still look great.This is me and Tehnea trying on dress' for Fionnes 15th birthday party at Divas in the Mall

Monday, November 12, 2007

The new Me

Hey you all that read my blog. Well I just wanted to post because I have not be on for a while, Lots of new thing are happening in my life, the lord is really working on getting thing moved out of my life so that I can do his work. Well I went to another encounter and this one was just as good as the last, at first I didn't think I got anything, but now that its been a while I see that the lord moved greatly. So many people have told me that I look great and that they see a differents in me. I have lost about 50 pounds. I feel great and look good to. well I will write back more later. love you all

Thursday, August 30, 2007